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YSSPL is acknowledged as India's leading expert in distributing and trading equity securities. A diverse client base made up of India's most prestigious private and public sector corporations has rendered us a commanding presence in the Indian capital market. Through the private client group and direct market's group, we offer investors access to every major initial or subsequent public offering.

Equity Advisory

We offer comprehensive advisory service for direct equity investments where in we study the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and then recommended and monitored.

Your dedicated Investment Advisor will work with you to take full advantage of every investment opportunity that arises in today’s dynamic and increasingly complex investment environment. We also ensure that you are kept fully informed on emerging trends and factors that can impact your investments.

A few features of this service are –

ARN NO. NAME Date of Initial Registration VALID UPTO
3689 Yogesh J Shah 05-08-2002 07-07-2024
76506 Yogesh Shah Securities Pvt. Ltd. 16-09-2009 15-09-2026

Risk Factors - Investments in Mutual Funds are subject to Market Risks. Read all scheme related documents carefully before investing. Mutual Fund Schemes do not assure or guarantee any returns. Past performances of any Mutual Fund Scheme may or may not be sustained in future. There is no guarantee that the investment objective of any suggested scheme shall be achieved. All existing and prospective investors are advised to check and evaluate the Exit loads and other cost structure (TER) applicable at the time of making the investment before finalizing on any investment decision for Mutual Funds schemes. We deal in Regular Plans only for Mutual Fund Schemes and earn a Trailing Commission on client investments. Disclosure For Commission earnings is made to clients at the time of investments. Option of Direct Plan for every Mutual Fund Scheme is available to investors offering advantage of lower expense ratio. We are not entitled to earn any commission on Direct plans. Hence we do not deal in Direct Plans.

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